I am not a poet, I will never claim to be one. But sometimes words form themselves in a way that is more like a poem than another form of literature. That is the way with this.

Relationships are a unique facet of human existence. Two human beings attaching themselves to each other, exclusively. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. This is not my story, but maybe it’s yours.

She smiled,

I smiled.

She laughed,

I laughed.

She said, “Yes,”

I said, “Yes.”

She held me,

I held her.

She cried,

I was there for her.

She left,

I stayed.

She cried,

I was not there.

She held him,

I held no one.

She said, “Yes,”

I said, “Not anymore.”

She laughed,

I looked away.

She smiled,

I cried.


1 thought on “She/I

  1. I am probably going to hate myself later, but I have liked you since we met or even before we met. I have just been too afraid to say anything. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. If you want to know who this is, you won’t have to look far. I care about you a lot!


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