So little to say, so much time…

Wait. Scratch that. Reverse it.

Life has been hectic lately, and though I find things are happening so fast that deserve writing about, I also have so little time to write (and Portal 2 is just so very time consuming!).

How about a list? Lists are fun!

  • I finally graduated high school. That deserves a blog post. I might hold that one off until I actually get my diploma, though.
  • The choir festival! I never wrote about the choir festival!
  • I graduated from CLCHM after a decade after last week’s ACE concerts. That alone is so very deserving of a blog post, it would have gone without saying were it not for the fact that I just said it. This is probably the first one I’ll write about.
  • In addition to the one above, there was another opportunity given to me that I would love to go on about (my family knows I already have been), but I want to wait until it’s fully official before placing it on the internet for all to see.
  • Yesterday marked the start of tech week for Into the Woods, for which I’m playing piano. I’d love to talk about that whole process and what it’s been like, if I get the chance.

That’s just a snapshot of my life so far, trust me, there’s so many words behind that simple list, that I hope you’ll be entertained for quite a few… however long it takes you to read it. Mileage will vary. Posts are coming!


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