As I sat here, drinking my coffee, reading Facebook and WordPress blogs, naturally my thoughts turned to posting about coffee. It may not seem that natural to you, but that doesn’t really concern me too much.

Sometimes, I feel like a slave to coffee. And I suppose, in some ways, I am. Everyone morning I wake up, and while still in my zombie, not-quite-awake state, my very first thoughts are of coffee. I am of the impression that no morning is complete without a couple cups of coffee. Every day. And if I do not get my coffee, for whatever horrifying reason, Caleb is not a happy camper. (On a rabbit trail, Caleb is actually not very likely to be any kind of camper, as Caleb does not like camping.)

Though I have, on occasion, been known to forgo my coffee, that would only be in the event of waking up late for whatever reason. Come on, we all know that feeling. Sleeping past your four alarms, groggily returning to consciousness just enough to glance at the clock. Then that feeling of adrenaline when your mind begins to scream at you “YOU GOTTA LEAVE THE HOUSE IN FIVE MINUTES!” Funny enough, though, those are the morning I seem to be the most awake. Ordinarily, I’ll leave myself an hour’s time to sip my coffee and gradually work my way up to full capacity.

Of course, it’s not all bad. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was twelve years old (decaf, of course, my mom wasn’t that cool), and I started because I thought it tasted good. Ok, and it was cool. And it still tastes good, and I enjoy drinking it. But the feeling I get from it isn’t always good. That buzzed feeling, of everything being on edge, of feeling warmer than usual, with sweaty palms. Ok, sometimes that’s kinda cool.

There are those who may say to me “Coffee is bad for you, you shouldn’t be drinking it.” or “Coffee stunts your growth, you shouldn’t be drinking it.” To the second thing I say, seriously? You still believe that? I’ve been drinking coffee since I was twelve, and I’m just about six feet tall. I don’t feel stunted. And hasn’t that been disproved? Either way, I don’t really care.

To the first one, you don’t have to tell me coffee is bad for me. I know exactly how bad it is, and have known ever since my science teacher from a couple years ago explained exactly how caffeine works. Caffeine doesn’t give you any energy, it just burns through what energy you have faster, which is why you always crash after a few hours, because you’re left with less energy than you had before.

Not only that, coffee has a few different stimulants, of which caffeine is one, that are physically addicting. You build up a tolerance for them, and have to drink coffee just to maintain a norm, which is why I feel like a slave to it sometimes. So, really, coffee is just as bad as any other drug. Well, not really. That’s ridiculous.

So, tell me, what are your thoughts on coffee? Love it, hate it, drink it constantly?


1 thought on “Coffee

  1. The addictive quality is EXACTLY the reason I don’t drink coffee. I can’t stand the idea of being a slave to anything. For example, the knowledge that I am so completely dependent on glasses to live a normal life really bothers me. It’s not an addiction, no, but it’s something I’m dependent on, and I don’t like that feeling. I have no inclination to feel like I need coffee every day just to keep me from being snappy/tired/grumpy etc. My actions, words and expressions are determined by myself and are NOT at the mercy of a drug. I see SO many people who feel like they NEED coffee just to be themselves, and that they are degraded without it. Maybe it’s a pride issue, I don’t know, but I don’t want to be like that.
    Anyway, that’s my reason for not drinking it. Sorry for the mini-rant. 😉

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