Christianity vs. Islam: Are they the same?

Recently I’ve been contacted by a friend who had a heated discussion with a professor of his at college, who claimed that because Christianity and Islam claimed much of the same things, such as the similarities between the Bible and the Qur’an, the necessity of a savior, and the existence of Jesus in both, both were the same. But the most important thing in comparing anything is to notice the differences between them, not the similarities. You wouldn’t say that Pocahontas and Avatar were the exact same movie, just because the stories were identical (Shame on you, James Cameron!). There are many differences that make them distinct.

So, what are the differences between Islam and Christianity that make them incompatible? First off, Christianity teaches that God is a trinity, the Father, Son, and Spirit. Islam rejects that idea, including the claim that Jesus was God in the flesh, which is an extremely central point of Christianity.

Further, Christianity teaches that we have a fallen nature that causes us to sin, and that we need forgiveness from God before we can be called clean. Islam, however, teaches that we are simply ignorant and weak, and that we need to follow a set of moral laws in order to earn our entry into Heaven.

With just these couple of differences between Christianity and Islam, it should be easy to see that they are, in fact, not identical, and to call them the same is to deny some very important pillars of one religion or the other.


2 thoughts on “Christianity vs. Islam: Are they the same?

  1. By the same reasoning, one could say a Ford Pinto and a Dodge Viper were identical. Both have four wheels, an internal combustion engine, two doors, built by companies based in Michigan, and required a human to drive, just to name a few things. But for some reason the Pinto’s MSRP was $2,895 while the Dodge Viper’s MSRP is $90,255. Go figure.

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