Life: Simplified

Lately I’ve found myself swamped, worrying about meetings and conflicts and planning out the next few months in excruciating detail. I’m over-thinking things, worrying too much. And I realize, you’re probably doing the same thing.

What we all need is some simple time. Some time to just sit down and enjoy the simple things in life. So, instead of rolling out of bed tomorrow morning as soon as your alarm goes off and rushing through your daily routine, take a moment just to listen. When you make your morning pot of coffee, take the time to enjoy the smells and sounds of it. And when you go outside to head to class, or work, or rehearsal, take the time to enjoy the weather, whatever it may be.

Do yourself a favor, take a moment to breathe, and enjoy life for what it is. Then you can go back to worrying and rushing around.


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